MANDMI guess living amongst my mother’s huge collection of sewing collectibles (and the more practical sewing tools of her craft) all these years has given me a soft spot for related notions.

Which is probably why I fell in love with the Merchant & Mills’ Sewing Notions Set the second I saw it on Kaufmann Mercantile’s online store.

The Merchant & Mills Sewing Notions Set is described:  “Useful sewing tools chosen for quality and utility by an expert tailor. Includes: needles, pins, wide bow scissors, tailor’s chalk and beeswax, a seam ripper, threader, thimble and tape measure.”

I love the presentation and think that it could stand alone as a work of art, but I am sure it is a pretty darn good sewing kit too.  Sewing kits make a great gift for someone moving into a new home or going off to college and you are not likely to find one better than this.

The Merchant & Mills’ Sewing Notions Set is available from Kaufmann Mercantile, a wonderful online merchant that has curated some of the finest items around (as in they have flasks!).

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