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Today, Mount (and Lake) Chocorua in Tamworth, NH casts a nice backdrop over the big sky of a summer‘s day.


Broncks1I love bicycles.  There I said it.  Of course this comes as no surprise to Lost Cowboy fans and those who have been treated to an early preview of my soon to be released photography gallery.

I try to get out on my bike every day to ride around the lovely countryside of New Hampshire’s Carroll Country (from where I write this blog).  I love my bike, but sometimes it is way too much bike for me.  I bought a bike that was capable of riding on any terrain – from streets to woods as they say.  Well, I spend much more time on pavement and well maintained dirt roads than I do bouncing over rocks and roots, so I have been thinking about buying a new bike that is more of just an around town bike.

The perfect bike is the Broncks bike from Bowery Lane Bicycles of Brooklyn, New York.  This bike is great – I love the vintage-inspired design and quasi-Dutch heritage.

The Broncks bike from Bowery Lane Bicycles is described:  “When the Dutch settled in what is today the uppermost borough of New York City, they named it Broncks. Thus, we designed our Broncks model after Dutch bicycles. But it’s made here in the USA, and this classic steel bike is functional, easy to maintain and resistant to theft.”

I need to get myself one of these.  Did I mention it comes with a front rack with a locally made wood box?  Yep!

See more about Bowery Lane Bicycles here.