Container.7.12.1I know you have been wondering how my container garden is doing this year.  Well, I am pleased to say it is doing very well.  I have some good growth and no noticeable groundhog damage to speak of yet.

The warm sunny days have led to some great growth in my tomato plants.  The few plants I started early are either in bloom or have already started forming fruit (right).  I have a bunch of other younger tomato plants that are also doing well.

The big surprise so far is the success I have had with a green pepper plant (below).  A surprise because I have not had too much success with these peppers in the past.  You can also see a few green beans sprouting behind the pepper, I have had good success with the beans this year by spreading them out to other containers as opposed to keeping them all together.

I also how a bunch of summer squash blossoms (themselves a treat for some) which I hope will lead to some nice midsummer yields.

But my great success continues to be the basil – I have harvested some for various dishes already and have many more plants waiting to mature which will ensure I have a nice flow of basil well into the fall.