MASONA while back, my friend Lynda sent me a great product – the Cuppow – a plastic lid designed to cover a standard canning  jar and turn it into a travel mug.  I love it and use it all the time. A glass canning jar is the perfect vessel for summer drinks, especially iced tea or iced coffee.

The Cuppow is great, but I also recently came across the good folks at Acme Party Box who offer a whole set of Mason Jar Sippers, which are perfect for a summer party.

About the Mason Jar Sippers, Box of 12 from Acme Party Box: “Adorable for kids parties and casual chic for grown-up celebrations, our glass drinking jars and straws will set your table setting apart! Includes 12 8 oz. jars with daisy perforated metal lids and 12 sturdy multi-color paper straws. Party. Rinse. Repeat!”

These Mason Jar Sippers are just the type of thing that can turn an ordinary summer party into something truly memorable.  Fill them up with you best iced tea brew (or adult beverage) and let your guests take them home and you will be the best loved host of the summer.

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