ZEBRAWhen I was a kid one of my little neighborhood friend’s parents had designed the coolest family room ever.  It was a big open modern space furnished with funky Scandinavian-inspired pieces. The centerpiece of the room was a zebra hide rug.  This was a real zebra hide and I was fascinated by it.  Although it was on the floor, we were not allowed to step on it – just look at it and when no one was looking, stroke the mane or the fur that was smooth one direction and coarse the other.

I was reminded of this little gem recently when I came across this Zebra Hide Towel from Maslin and Co. Which is described as:  “Deluxe zebra hide-shaped beach towel, crafted in 100% cotton. Design is reversible with 100% cotton trimmed edges and measures 54” wide x 70” tall. Finished with leather holster.”  They had me at holster!

About Maslin and Co.“Named after Australia’s first nude beach enclave, Maslin & Co is a new collection of well-crafted resort particulars, dedicated to sun worshippers and bon vivants. Debuting for Resort 2011/12, Maslin & Co was conceived as a tribute to the exotic ideals of seventies hedonism and draws design inspiration from the world of nature, the surreal and ultimately, beach vagabond culture. This collection is a new horizon in lifestyle accessories and covetable beach classics for purveyors of pleasure and leisure.”

Seriously this zebra towel is so cool and different.  I bet I would be the only one who shows up later this summer at my annual beach-side vacation on Cape Cod with one of these.  But then again, one of my traveling companions does fancy animal prints.

Find the Zebra Hide Towel and all the products of Maslin and Co. here.