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I have written about the Flasks of Metal Morphosis before, but I wanted to mention them again because I am a big fan.

Lost Cowboy fans will not be surprised to learn that I just purchased the flask below – featuring the “Bourbon Cowboy” – perfect!  Just perfect.


See the Flasks of Metal Morphosis here.

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PRESTOI love pens! 

I love crayons! 

I love the Presto Chango Crayon Pen from International Arrivals!

The Presto Chango Crayon Pen from International Arrivals is just so cool.  It is a pen and a crayon and you can change the color on a whim.  The perfect pen for coloring or drawing or just about anything creative.

Product description: “(The) Presto Chango Crayon Pen, change the tip for a new color, store the tips not used under the eraser! Bucket of 50 pens.”

It’s as simple as that.

A perfect gift for a kid you may know, or keep it for yourself!

International Arrivals also has a great line of scented pens.

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