PAR.3A few weeks ago I wrote about my trip to Chicago and the wonderful Gold Coast Art Fair I attended while I was there.  One of the many fine artists on exhibition at the fair was photographer Jean-Claude Louis, whose work moved me very much – so much I bought two pieces.

About photographer Jean-Claude Louis: “Born in Alsace, France, I moved to Southern California in 1990, where I currently reside, in Agoura Hills. A physician and scientist, I led a life-long career in biomedical research, which I left in 2007 to pursue my two passions, travel and photography. My work is largely rooted in cultural, social and ecological issues. I have traveled to more than forty countries in five continents, creating images that explore people, their culture and their relationship with their environment. I make photographs using digital, film and Polaroid media.”

I am reluctant to provide the details of Mssr. Louis and the work I purchased from him for a couple of reasons.  First, the photographs of the work I purchased do not do them justice.  Second, Mssr. Louis’ website has not been updated with his latest work (although he promises it will be soon).

However, I loved Mssr. Louis’ work so much I am compelled to share.  I was drawn to Mssr. Louis’ photography first and foremost as a result of his subject matter and artistic eye.  I noticed his tent at the fair out of the corner of my eye and was drawn right in.  My eye was transfixed on a photograph of a gargoyle atop of Notre Dame with Paris spread out before him.  The image (below) was just so perfect and fit my sensibilities perfectly I just had to have it.

I was further intrigued by the process which Mssr. Louis mounts his work.  This image is set on a sheet of metal.  Through a high-tech process, the photograph is fused to the metal and mounted on another smaller piece of metal to allow the work to protrude from the wall when displayed – a wonderful effect.  Gorgeous!

I purchased this work, in a 16”x16” version and had it shipped to my home where it arrived last week.  I could not wait to get it out of the box and on to my wall.

On the second day of the fair, I went back to Mssr. Louis’ tent.  A second piece of his was in my mind all night.  It is an image of a ski slope in France where several skiers are riding up on a j-bar tow.  The image is creepy and wonderful and I just had to have it.  So, like the Notre Dame Gargoyle, I bought and had it shipped.  That image is particularly difficult to photograph due to lighting challenges, so I am not displaying it here.  But trust me, it is great.

I am going to used these two pieces as the center point of the decoration of my pied-à-terre in Portsmouth, NH which I hope to find very soon.

Visit the (soon to be updated) website of photographer Jean-Claude Louis here.

The work I purchased from Jean-Claude Louis – much nicer in person (the art not Mssr. Louis):