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I had to run to the store tonight to grab some Diet Coke.  Running to the store is not an easy thing up here in the sticks of New Hampshire, I have to drive five miles each way.  Anyway, it was twilight and it was raining.  The trip to the store is due east and it was dark and gloomy.  However, on the trip home – due west – I was treated to something special. 

It was still raining where I was and there were clouds on the horizon where the sun would be setting.  There was a sliver of sunlight breaking through the clouds that bathed the wet road in a lovely hue.  By the time I got to a clearing where I could look over the countryside at the light – it had changed to an orange color which made it look like a raging fire coming in over the mountains.

Thankfully not a fire, but a stunning sight indeed…


CHIRPIt is no secret that I am not the biggest fan of birds in the world.  Maybe it was the Hitchcock movie that I was forced to watch as a kid that turned me against them, I don’t know.  However, I have to say I am really loving the Singing Tin Doves I recently found at Shop Twine.

About The Singing Tin Doves from Shop Twine: “These colorful, patterned tin doves will perch quietly for hours, but pick them up, flap their wings and they’ll sing! Paper bellows beneath each wing are the lo-tech, retro secret to their charm. sure to make everyone smile! Like other classic tin goods from India, our birds are perfectly imperfect – minor scratches and dings are part of their charm. some parts made of upcycled tin cans – prepare to be surprised by what you’ll find inside!”

These tin birds are really great and I can see all sorts of applications for them.  For example, they make great gifts or are the perfect decoration for that ornate bird cage you have in the attic.

Find the Singing Tin Doves and all the other great products of Shop Twine here.