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KAGEI think a good apron is a must for anyone who spends time in the kitchen baking or cooking in general.  Not only do aprons serve a practical purpose – keeping your cloths clean – a good apron can make you look like a serious cook and help you demonstrate a little style.  The latter being why I like the collection of aprons (and other kitchen-related products) from Birdkage.

About Birdkage: “Designer Courtney Kivela has staked out her own, unique corner of the 21st century kitchen with birdkage™ – her stunning kitchen collection which (so far) includes aprons and tea towels that have to be touched, utilized, worn to be fully appreciated. Pure function meets high style in Kivela’s creations.”

I think aprons also make great gifts for the cook in your life.  For example, I have the perfect person to give this Birdkage Bowery leopard printed apron to.  This apron is made from cotton canvas with metal studded hardware, and is available in Bib and A-Line Aprons, and you can even get matching Tea Towels.

See the entire kitchen collection from Birdkage here.

NEWLOST2Introducing the new “fighting” Lost Cowboy!

I love this little guy – a gift from my friend Lynda in honor of Lost Cowboy.

He’s a nice companion for the original Lost Cowboy, but y’all better watch out…

…he comes ready for a fight.



britpopOnce again I have found an item that crosses more than one of my interests – the Brit Pop phone handset from Native Union is a cool accessory for mobile phones, a throwback to an earlier times AND has a British motif.

First and foremost, I love the whole idea of an old school phone handset.  As much as I love technology, modern phones – cell and otherwise – make huge compromises when it comes to size over good audio quality.  The Brit Pop phone handset – and many of the products available from Native Union – allows you to attach a vintage style handset to your mobile phone to have a better heard conversation – while removing the potentially harmful rays from holding a cell phone up to your head.

About the Brit Pop phone handset from Native Union: “An interpretation of the classic 50s Bakelite design telephone that combines a retro style handset with luxurious soft-touch texture. Built with high quality speaker and microphone for crisp sound and clarity, Pop Phone fits all mobile phones, tablets and computers (adapter may be required). Works with iPhone, iPad and Android. Ideal for use with Skype, Google Talk and VoIP computer telephony. Award-winning product by French designer David Turpin.”

idockI also love the Cure BT iDock, “the sleek Bluetooth handset and base with iPhone dock” also available from Native Union.

About the Cure BT iDock: “The stylish handset and base with iPhone dock. Charge your iPhone and sync with iTunes. Simultaneous Bluetooth® Wireless connection to 2 devices at the same time, with volume control on handset, and space to mount your iPhone on the base.”

See all the great products for you mobile phone from Native Union here.

My favorite view – earlier this evening – no additional words needed…


Wrapping up my posts about my vintage finds from my vacation, here are a few of the other cool tems I picked up while trolling the markets of Cape Cod last week.

Adding to my collection of mid-century children’s books, I picked up a few good ones, including “ Ann Can Fly”; “The Wonderful Train Ride”; “My First Dictionary”; and “Little Farmers of the Midwest”:


I spotted this set of eight miniature wooden pins and just had to have them:


I found a lot of old New Hampshire Toll Booth Tokens featuring the iconic Old Man in Mountains – the State’s symbol – and got them for a good price:


Finally, I found a nice mini-collection of 45-rpm record inserts – which I think are just cool.  The yellow insert is iconic, but it was a thrill to find a red one and the relatively rare metal insert is just great:


LEBONI have often been accused of featuring too many high-end items that are way out of the price range of most of us.  Well the fact is that many of the items (heck most of the most glamorous) are things that I like, not necessarily buy.  I like to “find” and feature things that I appreciate and sometimes they are the sweetest of luxuries.

For the most part, I believe in quality and spending money wisely.  Sometimes a well-designed product on the low end is worth every penny, whereas sometimes investing in something on the high end will pay you back time and again.  I get as much joy in spending $3 on a great flea market find as I do on saving and splurging on a little luxury.  And the that is what Lost Cowboy is all about.

Anyway, despite the criticism, I am will continue to feature things that attract me – on all ends of the scale.  That said, today’s item is something I genuinely adore and it is not too pricey – The “le bon lait” milk bottle from Cost Plus World Market.

About the “le bon lait” milk bottle from Cost Plus World Market: “As a classic way to store milk or a lovely decorative piece, our glass Milk Bottle is a fun shabby chic addition to your kitchen. The blue decal features French wording that reads, “le bon lait,” which translates to “good milk” – and we can’t disagree with that! The classic ceramic top ensures your dairy stays fresh, too. You can even use this cute Milk Bottle as a vase for flowers, or leave it empty to reflect the light on a sunny shelf.”

I love this bottle as it is a great throw-back to vintage milk bottles and is practical to buy and use.  Maybe I could use these to decant a fine bottle of Dom Perignon.

Check out all the fun and well-priced products of Cost Plus World Market here.

FRED2The other day I wrote about my finds from the Wellfleet Drive-In Flea Market during my vacation last week. Today I am sharing my finds from one of Cape Cod’s other large markets, Dick and Ellie’s Flea Market in South Dennis, MA.

Lynda and I had never been to Dick and Ellie’s Flea Market before, but we made sure to check it out on our way down to Wellfleet. Although the Market was not nearly what it is like on a high season weekend, we were pleased to find a few good dealers set up with some pretty cool things.

We stopped into to visit a dealer Lynda had met at other markets in the past. I had heard the stories of the well-curated smalls that this lady had and was excited to check them out. Indeed there were some very cool things in her display cases, but I only had eyes for a clementine box with four vintage Fred Flintstone toys in it.

Seriously! A box of Freds! I love Fred and I love this find. The Freds are probably from the 1960’s and judging from their poor quality, were likely made as low-end carnival prizes. In any case, I just could not pass up the opportunity to purchase these guys. The dealer was so charmed by my excitement she threw in the clementine box for free and promised to have more Flintstone collectibles when I visit next.

My box of Freds:


cerhead2In addition to the vintage dealers, Dick and Ellie’s Flea Market plays host to crafters and artisans as well as vendors with new merchandise – something for everyone.

I spotted these terracotta heads and just fell in love with them. I am not sure exactly what they, what they can be used for and what I am going to do with them quite yet.

But I love them and they look great on the front porch with the fall flowers.

Learn more about Dick and Ellie’s Flea Market in South Dennis, MA here.

My new terracotta head collection:


Final.Harvest.9.12.2Well, there was a frost warning last night here in Carroll County, New Hampshire – the first of the season.  Indeed, it was 33 degrees when I woke up around 6:30 a.m. so it was likely a bit chillier earlier.  I am so not ready for this.

Anyway, in anticipation of the frost, I did a quick harvest of some vegetables still out in my container garden.  I had a few of my new favorite lemon cucumbers, one really nice looking green pepper, and a bunch of tomatoes — including a few not quite ripe but I picked them to save them.

Overall I had a successful season with my garden – which may yield a few more things yet.  I also have a ton of basil which I plan to save for use over the winter.

Meanwhile, I am already planning what to do next year.

My final container garden harvest of 2012?:


BBDI have said before that I have mixed feelings about the use of the Union Jack in design.  I hate seeing the American flag used for things that are disrespectful, but then again red, white, blue and stars can be reworked in all manner of ways.  But the Union Jack is what it is, and as an Anglophile, I kind of like it.  So when I see it used as a design element on everything from coasters to pillows, I reserve the right to pick and choose if I like it.

That said, I absolutely adore the treatment the Union Jack receives on the Big Ben Dresser from Room Service – which is “a black dresser is adorned with a silver leaf Union Jack for a graphic, bold twist.”

About Room Service“Owners John & Teem Bernard design most of the furniture pieces themselves, drawing inspiration from vintage stores, swap meets, clean lined European design, urban loft styles, mid-century modern furnishings & architecture and the fabulous glamour of the old Hollywood Regency era. With a history in the apparel industry, they use this experience to keep the product in their stores moving forward with the trends just as you would expect to see in the fashion industry. Regularly trendy, fun furniture and accessories to the stores. Fashion forward furniture for the home… For all these reasons the Room Services stores offers an eclectic mix catering to most every taste, but adding a fresh modern twist!”

The Big Ben Dresser is just one of the many cool pieces curated by Room Service, they have many other inspired pieces that fit their “fashion forward furniture for the home” mantra.

See all the “home furnishings for your soul” of Room Service here.

stones1I fell in love with the work of artist Greg Stones a couple of years ago on a visit to the Blue Heron Gallery in Wellfleet, MA. I went back to the Wellfleet’s Blue Heron Gallery last week while on an annual tour of the town’s many galleries, and was thrilled to find a new selection of original works by Mr. Stones.

I was first drawn to Mr. Stones work due to his whimsical subject matter – thinks like dueling penguins and sock monkeys, alien invasions and… wait for it… zombies. I also like the small scale of his works and more than anything – his incredible talent which allows him to create such detail with gouache on paper.

stones2While looking at Mr. Stones’ works that were on display at the gallery, I fell in love with his “A Last Moment” – a pencil sketch with only part of the image colored in with paint depicting a young man seemingly saying goodbye to earth as an alien saucer descends in the sky.

I love the relative subtlety of the work – it is a serious image with a hint of Mr. Stones’ more whimsical pieces. I love it and I bought it. I can now say I own an original Greg Stones Gouache on paper.

Meanwhile, my taste for Greg Stones’ work was not yet satisfied. Upon exploring other works on his website, I purchased prints of “Big Foot with Bike” and “Dog Ponders Saucer” – both of which I just love.

I love “Big Foot with Bike” for Mr. Stones’ wonderful whimsical concept and of course the bike:


I like the “Dog Ponders Saucer” as it reminds me of winter here in New Hampshire and I could totally see that being the general reaction to an alien invasion here:


See more works by artist Greg Stones here.

Visit the Blue Heron Gallery in Wellfleet, MA here.