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As promised…

Here is a gallery of the various views of Lake and Mount Chocurua I have taken over the past several months.  I’ve said it before – I am constantly stunned by the ever-changing beauty of the setting.  When you see all the photos put together you really get a feel for the amazing scene in all its glory.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view…

edsheerIt’s been a while since I posted about music. I am mindful that despite my posts about things that I find that fit my taste and style, music is a little more of a touchy subject. Meaning, I know better than to think just because you like my posts about vintage finds, bicycle photographs and swanky over-priced leather goods, you are also going to dig my musical taste.

But every now and then I like to share a musical artist that is speaking to me – especially when it is a new contemporary artist with an old soul. Today, I am going to recommend you take a listen to British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

If you watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics from London a few weeks ago, you may have seen a small glimpse of Ed Sheeran, who performed an excellent cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were Here” – or you may have missed it as his set was pretty tame compared to the rest of the production – he was just a boy with a guitar and a backing band. Anyway, for me as a fan of Mr. Sheeran, it was a reminder of how great this young artist is.

Ed Sheeran is, broadly classified, a folk-ish singer-songwriter. He has strains of James Morrison, David Gray, James Blunt, and Matt Hales (Aqualung), a few other popular British artists of the past several years – but he is his very own with witty and contemporary lyrics and mellow folk/pop voice. And I just think he is great.

His most recent album, “+” (that is the title, the “plus” sign), is full of songs that showcase his sweet voice and casual style with his lyrics on full display. If you are unfamiliar with Ed Sheeran, and you like any of the afore mentioned artists, take a listen, he may become your new favorite thing.

If sampling on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora or other some such thing, try “Wake me Up”; “Lego House”; “Give me Love”; or “Gold Rush” all from “+” or take a chance on the “Wish you were Here” cover which has been released and features a stellar back-up band including Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford, Richard Jones and David Arnold.

I have loaded every Ed Sheeran track I have into my upcoming vacation’s playlist and I know that he will be part of the soundtrack for the week. I look forward to years from now when I hear a random song from Ed and be instantly transported back to this very moment in time. For all the old-timers out there that think all good music was recorded prior to 1990 – well, I disagree.

Check out Ed Sheeran’s official site here.

Sample Ed Sheeran’s music on Yahoo Music here.