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SFHERBToday’s find may frustrate you, as the subject’s web catalog ordering system is currently under construction and no new orders are being taken.  However, you must bookmark them and make a note to keep visiting until you can order.  What I am talking about is the San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.

About San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.: “We have one of the largest selections of bulk herbs, teas and spices in the U.S. today. Our Summerfield Spice Header Tag spice line is beautifully and economically packed with the best our farms have to offer. Many of our products are grown on our Certified Organic Farm in central Oregon. We offer well over 1000 different medicinal botanicals, culinary herbs & spices, essential oils, fragrance oils, botanical extracts & tinctures, encapsulated herbs in single herb as well as customer blends. Bulk Teabags and a wide variety of packaged products for your POP sales and gift baskets are packed fresh to order.”

I love teas and spices and buy them in bulk from a variety of vendors and can’t wait to get my order in for some of San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co.’s propriety products.

See more about San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. here.

Bookmark the online catalog (now under construction) of San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Co. here.

BeeHiveI have read several books about the Civil War and the Old South.  Most of these have been recent books that interpret history or contemporary novels that use that time gone by as a setting for the story.  However, there is nothing like dipping into the past and reading early firsthand accounts or stories written at the time.

This why I love the Beehive Foundation, who have curated a wonderful collection of books about the South – the “Old South” and Georgia in particular.

About The Beehive Foundation: “The cultural and social history of Georgia and the South is being brought back to life, as a non-profit charitable service, by The Beehive Foundation, which is reissuing and continuing the books of the award-winning Beehive Press. This collection has been called “a milestone in the publishing of books on Georgia and the South, books that are artistic, important and beautiful.”

The book I ordered from the Beehive Foundation has the compelling title Dear Mother: Don’t Grieve About Me. If I get Killed, I’ll Only be Dead – a collection of notes and artifacts from actual Confederate soldiers.  When I was a kid and went through a Civil War phase, I read several journals and books of letter from soldiers and was always enthralled by them, so I can wait to get my hands on this volume.

About Dear Mother: Don’t Grieve About Me. If I get Killed, I’ll Only be Dead edited by Mills Lane:  “Some 125,000 Georgians fought in the Civil War. This book, containing nearly 300 letters and many drawings, prints and photographs, tells the personal story of these men and also chronicles the history of the Civil War in dramatic, intimate detail. The soldiers tell why they volunteered to risk their lives, what it was like to face death in battle. They express the aspirations, pride, patriotism, fear and despair of a newborn, stillborn country. The letters have been selected from several thousand documents at seven major libraries in the South, most notably the Georgia State Archives at Atlanta.”

Check out the complete Beehive Foundation collection of books about the South here.