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vine2I am constantly amazed by nature.  Seriously, the miracle of life, animal or vegetable, is just amazing. 

One of the coolest things I have seen this season in my container garden is the way the cucumber plants spread out in vines and send out tentacles to grab hold of things to help secure themselves.  I guess I had never really noticed this in years past.

It is so cool.  I first noticed this when I was pruning a tomato plant that had the misfortune of being planted close to one of these cucumber plants.  The cucumber plant had coiled its tentacles all over the stalk of the tomato plant, it was crazy – but very cool.

Meanwhile, another cucumber plant that I had placed adjacent to a back porch screen window decided that the screen was a great way to anchor herself.  I have been watching the wonderful show of nature as the plant continues to grab onto the screen and flourish.

I am not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but that is the cucumber plant sending its little vines into the screen.


I will admit that I have lost track of exactly what kind of cucumbers this plant yields, as I planted a few varieties.  But I am hoping it is more of the lemon cucumber which I wrote about before.  Since my last update I have taken a couple of the lemon cucumbers and made a little cucumber salsa and it was great.

I am making a note to myself right now to make sure I order plenty of lemon cucumber seeds for next year.

Find Lemon Cucumber seeds available from the Burpee Seed Company.

MEDINAI was just out in the barn here in the New Hampshire house of which I am the caretaker.  I took a look up into the rafters and noticed, somehow for the first time, how many baskets were hanging up there. 

There are all sorts of baskets in many different styles, colors and sizes.  I will have to take them down to do a better inventory, but after a quick look there weren’t any that I could imagine bringing into my daily life.

I have always fancied having a market basket that I would take to the market instead of a canvas bag.  Something like the French Market Baskets available from Medina Baskets.

About Medina Baskets French Market Basket: “Used as French market baskets in Europe, these bags are the perfect reusable eco shopping bags. Ideal for a trip to the farmer’s market or as a reusable grocery bag, as garden baskets or for home storage, they are lightweight, durable and attractive.”

The French Market Basket is just one of many great baskets Medina offers.  Medina Baskets say their baskets are “baskets for living” and you can certainly imagine how you can live with one of their great products.  But if you want a brittle basket complete with spider eggs, bat dung and water stains – I may be able to help you out.

See the “baskets for living” of Medina Baskets here.