Archive for September 11th, 2012

red kite in the skyWhile preparing for this week’s vacation to Cape Cod, my friends and I put together a list of things we wanted to do while we were there.  The list we compiled was great and contained things from the obvious – like “lounge on the beach” – to whimsical – like “dance if it rains.”  My list contained one thing that I make sure I do at least once during every seaside vacation… FLY A KITE!

There is something about stepping out on the beach with your kite and catching a steady onshore breeze and letting it fly.  I love watching the kite go higher and higher and trying to control it as it darts and dives around.  There is no greater joy – or frustration – for me than flying a kite, and I love it. 

I have a couple of kites I bring with me wherever I go in the summer, hoping for the time, place and conditions to come together to inspire me to fly.  If I am able to fly my kite this week in Wellfleet – and I am sure I will – the week will be a success.  But it will be fun to dance in the rain too.

A great online resource for all things kites is Kites-R-Us – you won’t believe the variety of kites and kite-related products they offer.