mooseWhile in Wellfleet this week, I have been dragged into the Wellfleet Market – a small grocer in the center of this Cape Cod town – a few times by my friend Lynda who insists they have the best hot cocoa ever.

I have heard this claim for years and have had many a cup of the stuff – it is good, but hardly the best. As I say to Lynda: “Dude, it comes from a vending machine!”  Not that machine made stuff is all bad, but I am hard-pressed to think it is as consistently good across the years as she seems to think.

Unlike the wonderful beverage mixes of The Perky Moose Beverage Company, like their White Mousse Cappuccino – which always delicious.

About The Perky Moose Beverage Company: “The Perky Moose Beverage Company, was born in our kitchen in 1994. Since then, we have logged thousands of miles on the craft show circuit, serving about a million samples of our gourmet beverages: cappuccino, apple cider, chai, hot chocolate and steamer. We have outgrown the kitchen, but not the simple idea of a delicious instant beverage. Our exclusive blends are developed with the help of an amazing food chemist. The packaging is designed and developed by Amy, utilizing her art background. Then we put it all together here in our Georgia production facility. This process enables us to produce a great product at a reasonable price.”

Back to the Perky Moose Beverage Company’s White Mousse Cappuccino, which is the perfect blend of a coffee and cocoa drink.  As they say: “Our delicious cocoa-coffee blend with the flavors of white chocolate and caramel. This special mixture has become our bestselling cappuccino.”

I just say “YUM!”

See all of the products of The Perky Moose Beverage Company in their online store here.