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CIWCUpon my return to New Hampshire from my Cape Cod vacation, one of my first stops was to check in on my favorite places – the base of Lake and Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH.

I was struck by a couple of things on this visit…

First, I realized that this stunning sight never fails to inspire me and on this day, made me realize that I was indeed home.

Second, I also noted that in all of my visits to this sight, many of which I have featured here, I have rarely seen the mountain-scape without a single cloud surrounding the peak. Usually there is some sort of cloud – even on the sunniest of days.  Today, with an extremely dry atmosphere there wasn’t a cloud to be found, save for the faintest remnants of a far away jet vapor.

Finally, it was clear that in my short week away, autumn was making its inevitable march across the north country.  The hues on the trees near the top of the mountain have clearly begun to display fall colors as well as a few leaves on the tree in the foreground have turned and are illuminated by the sun which has also taken its autumn position lower in the sky.

Once again, a stunning scene to humble me and welcome me home.


TOMLINI don’t own a gun and the only knives I own are in the kitchen or for crafting. But I love the look of a nice old school pistol or rifle and the grandeur of a good hunting knife.  The best of these have ornate engravings that make them stand out. 

I had never really thought much about the process of engraving until I came across a story about Lisa Tomlin, a woman who engraves metal – like knives – by hand using old world techniques, and the results are amazing.

About Lisa Tomlin: “In the male dominated field of American engraving, Lisa Tomlin is one of the few and arguably the most prominent among women. Old techniques with a hammer and chisel are still Lisa’s preferred method of engraving. She is living proof that hand engraving survives because of her ability to transform a plain metal surface into a piece of art; she has adorned the finest guns from the best gunmakers, custom made knives, one of a kind jewelry and more, in ways that no machine can equal.”

Ms. Tomlin’s website has some great examples or her work and more details about her process.  I like the work she has done with knives.

I am not likely to purchase a weapon anytime soon.  However, should the need arise, my gun is going to be tricked out with a nice engraving like these.

See all the master engravings of Lisa Tomlin here.