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My favorite view – earlier this evening – no additional words needed…


Wrapping up my posts about my vintage finds from my vacation, here are a few of the other cool tems I picked up while trolling the markets of Cape Cod last week.

Adding to my collection of mid-century children’s books, I picked up a few good ones, including “ Ann Can Fly”; “The Wonderful Train Ride”; “My First Dictionary”; and “Little Farmers of the Midwest”:


I spotted this set of eight miniature wooden pins and just had to have them:


I found a lot of old New Hampshire Toll Booth Tokens featuring the iconic Old Man in Mountains – the State’s symbol – and got them for a good price:


Finally, I found a nice mini-collection of 45-rpm record inserts – which I think are just cool.  The yellow insert is iconic, but it was a thrill to find a red one and the relatively rare metal insert is just great:


LEBONI have often been accused of featuring too many high-end items that are way out of the price range of most of us.  Well the fact is that many of the items (heck most of the most glamorous) are things that I like, not necessarily buy.  I like to “find” and feature things that I appreciate and sometimes they are the sweetest of luxuries.

For the most part, I believe in quality and spending money wisely.  Sometimes a well-designed product on the low end is worth every penny, whereas sometimes investing in something on the high end will pay you back time and again.  I get as much joy in spending $3 on a great flea market find as I do on saving and splurging on a little luxury.  And the that is what Lost Cowboy is all about.

Anyway, despite the criticism, I am will continue to feature things that attract me – on all ends of the scale.  That said, today’s item is something I genuinely adore and it is not too pricey – The “le bon lait” milk bottle from Cost Plus World Market.

About the “le bon lait” milk bottle from Cost Plus World Market: “As a classic way to store milk or a lovely decorative piece, our glass Milk Bottle is a fun shabby chic addition to your kitchen. The blue decal features French wording that reads, “le bon lait,” which translates to “good milk” – and we can’t disagree with that! The classic ceramic top ensures your dairy stays fresh, too. You can even use this cute Milk Bottle as a vase for flowers, or leave it empty to reflect the light on a sunny shelf.”

I love this bottle as it is a great throw-back to vintage milk bottles and is practical to buy and use.  Maybe I could use these to decant a fine bottle of Dom Perignon.

Check out all the fun and well-priced products of Cost Plus World Market here.