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NEWLOST2Introducing the new “fighting” Lost Cowboy!

I love this little guy – a gift from my friend Lynda in honor of Lost Cowboy.

He’s a nice companion for the original Lost Cowboy, but y’all better watch out…

…he comes ready for a fight.



britpopOnce again I have found an item that crosses more than one of my interests – the Brit Pop phone handset from Native Union is a cool accessory for mobile phones, a throwback to an earlier times AND has a British motif.

First and foremost, I love the whole idea of an old school phone handset.  As much as I love technology, modern phones – cell and otherwise – make huge compromises when it comes to size over good audio quality.  The Brit Pop phone handset – and many of the products available from Native Union – allows you to attach a vintage style handset to your mobile phone to have a better heard conversation – while removing the potentially harmful rays from holding a cell phone up to your head.

About the Brit Pop phone handset from Native Union: “An interpretation of the classic 50s Bakelite design telephone that combines a retro style handset with luxurious soft-touch texture. Built with high quality speaker and microphone for crisp sound and clarity, Pop Phone fits all mobile phones, tablets and computers (adapter may be required). Works with iPhone, iPad and Android. Ideal for use with Skype, Google Talk and VoIP computer telephony. Award-winning product by French designer David Turpin.”

idockI also love the Cure BT iDock, “the sleek Bluetooth handset and base with iPhone dock” also available from Native Union.

About the Cure BT iDock: “The stylish handset and base with iPhone dock. Charge your iPhone and sync with iTunes. Simultaneous Bluetooth® Wireless connection to 2 devices at the same time, with volume control on handset, and space to mount your iPhone on the base.”

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