curveI am not much for cologne.  Although I like the whole mid-century men’s grooming thing, I never took to the old school aftershave or cologne thing. 

I am stuck in a weird place between my signature fragrance of the mid-90s, HUGO by Hugo Boss and the omnipresent Axe Body Spray.  The former being something I still splash on for special occasions and the latter being somewhat of a guilty pleasure I use more often – channeling my inner 15-year old.

However, I have come across a couple of fragrances I wanted to comment on.  First, I really like the Curve line of fragrances.  It is a nice, moderately priced fragrance that is pleasant and a cut above the drug store body spray, although it is readily available at retailers such as Target.

BANGThe other fragrance I wanted to mention is slightly more upscale, Bang by Marc Jacobs. I first came across Bang a couple of years ago at the Marc Jacobs shop in Provincetown, MA on the tip of Cape Cod.  My friend Lynda tried some on and made me try some as well.  It was very nice and I bought a couple of bottles – one for her (although designed for men) and one for myself.  I put a little Bang on every now and then and the smell reminds me of the day we found it.

Also, as a design wonk, both of these products have cool bottle designs.

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