MAISONI will admit that I do not really know what today’s subject, Maison Gerard, does exactly, but I just love looking at what they do.  What they do basically is collect, curate and deal fine pieces of art for collectors, designers and the 1% (I gather).

About Maison Gerard: “Founded in 1974, Maison Gerard specializes in Fine French Art Deco Furniture, Lighting and Objects d’art. Maison Gerard helped form the collection of Walter Chrysler Jr., now in the Chrysler Museum of Norfolk, VA., assembled the Design Collection of the Utsonomia Museum in Japan; and built numerous private collections.”

It is fun to look around the Maison Gerard website to see what they have and they have some pretty cool things.  For example, I like this small Royal Copenhagen stoneware jug I found on their site.

Take a look at the Maison Gerard and see some cool stuff.