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suzI have loved every product I have every tried from the Suzie’s line from the Good Grocery Company. 

In particular, I am addicted to Suzie’s lightly salted Spelt Puffed Cakes.

But the Naan Crackers with Sea Salt are a very close second.

See all the great products of the Good Grocery Company here.

Visit the Good Grocery Company featuring the full line of Suzie products here.

cowcharIt’s October now, and the days may be shorter and the cool breezes may hint at the winter to come, but as long as I can I will be grilling outside.  I love the grill and will stretch the grilling season as long as possible.  I have also been known to grill out in the dead of winter and the results are usually something extra special.

I have a gas grill which I use a lot, but I really like using the charcoal grill whenever possible.  Earlier this summer I noticed the charcoal I was using (a major name brand) was not holding the heat as long as I wanted.  So I set out to experiment with other charcoals and I think I have found the one I am going to use from now on: Cowboy Charcoal.

Cowboy Charcoal?  Yep, isn’t it fitting?

About Cowboy Charcoal: “The Crace Family has been involved in charcoal manufacturing for four generations, spanning nearly 100 years. In the early 1900’s our great-grandfather (Jess Rawlins) was known to his fellow Southern Ohio residents as the community collier. A collier was an individual who burned charcoal. It was common in those days for farmers to cut and clear trees in developing their land. This wood would be stacked or placed in pits for burning into charcoal. This process was an art form, inexperienced burners would return to just a pile of ashes. Jess, the foremost authority on the subject, would make his rounds lighting and burning various farmer’s piles. After several weeks of inspection and cooling, the farmers could sell the charcoal to local markets as a cash crop.”

I recommend buying Cowboy Charcoal when you see it as it has proven hard to find – but generally it is available at Lowes – in store or mercifully, online.