sidewalksI love taking long walks whenever I can.  Living in the woods of New Hampshire, my walks are often called “hikes” but whatever you call them, I enjoy getting out and discovering everything I can by walking around old favorite routes as well as new ones.

When traveling to a new city, I generally like to learn all about it by walking around as opposed to seeing it from a cab or bus.  In addition to getting good exercise, there is no better way to get a true sense of a place than by walking around it.

I recently came across an intriguing book, Sidewalks: A Journal for Exploring Your City by Kate Pocrass, which is a charming resource for making even the most well-tread walk around your hometown more interesting.

About Sidewalks: A Journal for Exploring Your City by Kate Pocrass: “This charmingly illustrated journal encourages users to discover the hidden and extraordinary details of one’s own city. Filled with unique explorations and quirky prompts, it’s the perfect place to keep track of favorite local haunts, as well as a starting point to experience one’s neighborhood in a whole new way.”

It may seem like a strange subject for a book and you may think it unnecessary, but Ms. Pocrass provides food for thought for making an adventuring out of the routine.

Meanwhile, the publisher – Chronicle Books – has a great line books all about walks and walking – mostly travel books with walking as a main focus.

Sidewalks: A Journal for Exploring Your City by Kate Pocrass is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.

Check out Chronicle Books’ great collection of books about walks here.