DOMCONI love the idea of “transforming spaces” – whether it be a room or empty lot – I love when creativity and design turns something blah into something special.  That’s exactly what the folks at Brooklyn-based Domestic Construction do, they transform spaces and they are truly an inspiration for me.

About Domestic Construction “That sound of scissors cutting through thick paper. The smell of the glue and feel of the fabric. Design that embraces the senses and, above all, sticks in the mind. That moment, the conception of an idea destined for fully realized fruition. Spaces filled with visual music and left changed by the existence of two artists: Trish Andersen and Maureen Walsh. They are Domestic Construction and they live for the process. Always working, always living for the sound of scissors cutting through thick paper.”

Just take a look at some of their past projects and you will see exactly how talented the designers at Domestic Construction are.  They transform stages for performance, create party spaces and help transform all sorts of other spaces.

Domestic Construction also offers a line of floor coverings to help you transform you own space.  The “alternative” flooring options of DC fall into the “too nice to walk on” category and you can easily picture these things hanging on a wall as much as on a floor.

You gotta love a place dedicated to “redefining the ordinary.”

Read more about Domestic Construction here.

See the floor coverings of Domestic Construction here.