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Tonight’s sunset over the Sandwich Range in the distance on the Tamworth/Sandwich, NH town line a short stroll down the road…


jonathonI have bins of kitchen utensils.  Literally bins full of every manner of cooking tool you can image. I don’t use most of them.  However, one that I use all the time is a really good wood spoon.  I use my wooden spoon for all sorts of things – not all of them its intended use.

I use it to stir and scrap of course and I used it paired with its wooden fork sister to toss salads.  But I also use it to help pull or push hot pans in the oven, to poke things just out of reach items on my shelves, and sometime discipline small animals.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I respect the wooden spoon and honor its place in the kitchen.  It occurred to me that with all I use my wooden spoon for I should really think about making an investment in a really nice wood spoon, which has led me to Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons.

About Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons: “Wooden spoons are some of the simplest tools in our homes, yet have an unlimited variety of uses and designs to explore.  My collection of handcrafted cherry wood utensils has evolved over 30 years of experimentation in the woodshop and kitchen. These spoons can serve anything, from soup to spaghetti, pudding to pie; they can spread, scoop, strain, whisk, ladle, grab, cut, peel, paddle, or pour. Use them at the stove or on the table.”

As much as I love and use wood spoons, I totally covet Jonathan’s collection of ladles.

One last thing – before you call the ASPCA all up on me – I have never hit a small animal with a spoon.  I have shoes for that.

Visit the Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons shop here.