hensI love the look and classic technique of block printmaking and letterpress printing.  I especially love this medium when the subject matter are things like vegetables and animals like dogs, cats and chickens.  That is exactly what Rigel Stuhmiller chooses to do with her considerable talent as an artist.

About Rigel Stuhmiller Portraits here: “Rigel Stuhmiller is a printmaker based in Berkeley, CA.  Her primary printmaking techniques are block printmaking and letterpress.  Both techniques involve inking and pressing a raised plate to paper to produce an image. Letterpressing uses a mechanical press to achieve a crisp, clean printed impression. A plate is made based on Rigel’s original drawing. Paper is fed sheet by sheet into the antique letterpress which presses the plate, with an incredible amount of force, into the paper. A high degree of craftsmanship is required to create the distinctive look and quality of letterpressed cards.  All of Rigel’s letterpressed cards are made using this technique.”

Ms. Stuhmiller shows her work on her wonderful website, which also includes information on her creative process and an opportunity to see and purchase her work.

I love Rigel Stuhmiller’s collection of block print images of hens.

Read more about Rigel Stuhmiller and her process here.

Visit the Rigel Stuhmiller Portraits store here.