BOOKBOOKI love books and I love my iPad, which why I love the BookBook for iPad from Twelve South

Finally I can have an iPad cover that fit my personality and doesn’t look like what everyone else has.

About BookBook for iPad from Twelve South : “BookBook for iPad is a handmade, one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case for the New iPad (3rd generation) and iPad 2. This multi-functional case features an interior support frame that creates a variable-angle display stand and a built-in typing stand. Along with its vintage look, this case makes iPad feel as if you’re holding a real book, and in many ways you are.”

The iPad cover is just one of the cool products from Twelve South, there is also a BookBook for your iPhone and other devices.

I know I have featured other similar products in the past – and they are all great – but this the one I have been waiting to find.

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