maldonI love when two or more of my favorite things in life come together.  I think of this almost every day when I use my favorite salt.  I know, it sounds silly, but I love salt and I love England.

To many people salt is salt – but as a true salt fanboy, I can tell you that is not the case.  I have many favorite salts, but my “go to” salt for everyday use is Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.  Oh, did I mention that Maldon is the only salt still made in England?

About Maldon Sea Salt Flakes: “There is no substitute for Maldon Sea Salt and it is now one of the best recognised brands in the market. Its soft white flaky crystals are free from artificial additives, giving Maldon Sea Salt a distinctive texture and salty flavour, which means less is required. Free from the bitter after-taste often associated with other salts, its characteristic clean fresh taste enhances the flavour of all natural and fine foods.”

So yeah, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes is the perfect salt for me.

I know what some of you are thinking – but everything in moderation, right?

See more about the Maldon Salt Company here.