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TENDER2One of the great things about living in New England – other than the obvious – is the proximity to New York City.  You are close enough to visit the city and take advantage of all it has to offer, but not have to deal with it on a daily basis. 

I guess that is a different way of saying what many say about the Big Apple:

“It’s a nice place to visit buy I wouldn’t want to live there.”

Well I love New York and all it offers, which is a lot when you are a theater and design buff like me. 

I try to find new things each time I visit the city and I have come across two places I am putting on my list for my next visit.

TENDER1First, I want to check out Tender Buttons – which appears to be something of a button superstore.  Why buttons?  Well, if you have been following the Lost Cowboy back story, you will remember that my mother was a lifelong button collector and I have inherited most of her collection (the good stuff as well as the chafe) and have been helping to divest it in recent years.  So call my interest in Tender Buttons “professional curiosity.”

About Tender Buttons (via New York Magazine): “Although it’s named for a 1914 culinary essay by Gertrude Stein, this Upper East Side button boutique has little to do with that original; save for the fact that the store’s inventory, like Stein’s elongated prose, seems to go on and on and on. Even if you aren’t particularly attached to the little knobs that hold your clothing together, visit this museum-like shop to check out antique pieces that are more statement accessories than simple adornments, or for special buttons to fasten a baby’s hand-knit welcome-home sweater or your ‘new’ vintage coat.”

Headed downtown after a visit to the Upper East Side, the second place I want to visit is Abingdon12, a home furnishing and accessory shop that looks chock full of just the types of things I like.

ABINGAbout Abingdon12: “Abingdon12, situated just off historic Abingdon Square Park and West 12th Street. This one-of-a-kind shop founded in 2002 features eclectic and elegant furnishings and home accessories collected by owner Paul Caddell in his travels around the world. The Abingdon 12 gallery, established in 2003, now a fixture in the downtown art and design scene, features work by world-renowned artists including an extensive selection of works by sculptor Rodger Stevens.”

I have a feeling I am going to like both Tender Buttons and Abingdon12, but one of the great things about the size and scale of New York is that I am bound to find a ton of interesting places to check out in between.

Check out New York’s Tender Buttons here.

Learn more about Abingdon12 of New York City here.

TODDWe are on our way to Todd Farm (the antiques and collectibles flea market in Rowley, MA north of Boston) for another great sale of our unique blend of vintage “finds” – TODAY – Sunday (Oct. 21, 2012).

We will try to shag our usual spot behind the barn, if we are not there, look around, we will land somewhere. Flashlight people be warned – we will not sell until we are all set up after first light. We plan to be there until at least 1pm and will stay as long as foot traffic dictates. Cheers!

Find more information and directions to Todd Farm here.