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It is that time of fall when the foliage has passed peak up here in central New Hampshire, but the remnants of the season’s colors remain and the sun’s low place in the sky casts a unique glow…  the result: another amazing view of Lake and Mount Chocorua.



You’ve got to love the great Halloween cards from LeClair Cards.


CONSTITUTIONI feel strongly that every citizen of the United States should read the Constitution from time to time to ensure an understanding of the foundation of this great nation.  As the Presidential Election looms, and debates go on about interpretations of this seminal document are discussed, we can better make informed decisions if we come to our own individual view of what we are all about.

OK, enough of the non-partisan preaching.  Taken as just a historical document, the U.S. Constitution is an interesting read.

You can certainly find the text of the Constitution on the internet and in multiple – and free – printed forms.  However, I recommend investing in a nice bound edition like the U.S. Constitution Pocket Sized Book available from Portland OR-based Canoe (and other fine retailers).

About the U.S. Constitution Pocket Sized Book“The subject of controversial interpretations throughout its history (perhaps never more than today), the U.S. Constitution remains the chief rights and governing document of the United States. This 192 page, pocket sized, leather bound edition contains the complete Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and every constitutional amendment to the present day. Also included is an impressive array of documents, revealing the ideas, aspirations, and differing views of the founding fathers, including the Declaration of Independence.”

See the U.S. Constitution Pocket Sized Book all the really neat products curated by Canoe here.