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Golden Anniversary

A couple of weeks ago when I featured the vintage spy novel “Dr. No” as my Weekly Read, I was not aware just how timely I was. As it turns out, our collective popular culture is marking the 50th anniversary of the release of the first James Bond movie, which just happened to be “Dr. No” starring Mr. Sean Connery.

It was funny, after I made that post I noticed the onslaught of media attention surrounding the Bond series marking its golden anniversary (or is that the “Goldfinger” anniversary). There was a week-long series of features on NPR’s Morning Edition, a segment on 60 Minutes, and a slew of other prestigious and not so fancy outlets marking the franchise’s anniversary. All very interesting.

Of course, this was all pure coincidence, but highlighted the presence the Bond franchise has had all these years.

I Feel the Earth Move Under my Feet

With all apologies to Miss Carole King, the other night I quite literary felt the earth move under my feet. I was sitting down for dinner when I was startled by a loud rumbling noise and vibration. It is hard to explain, but it sounded like there was a ton of coal being poured down the chimney. I had no idea what it was and walked around the house – inside and out – to see what may have made that noise.

Come to find out, what I felt was a genuine 4.2 earthquake centered in Western Maine, about 50 miles from where I live in New Hampshire. I was relieved to find out it was an earthquake and not something unique and damaging to the house. It was quite the experience. There was no real damage anywhere as a result of the quake, but it served as a reminder that there are active faults around and that you really do not want to be involved in the big one.

World Nutella Day 2013’

Mark your calendars now – February 5, 2013 is World Nutella Day. The day we all come together to celebrate the awesomeness of Nutella. Part of what I call the big holiday season – bundled with Groundhog Day just a few days before – this is going to be one heck of a week.


Don’t Wait for me Argentina

Astute readers of Lost Cowboy over the past several weeks may have noticed a hint here or there that a visit to Buenos Aires was in the plans for this fall. Well, I had been planning a trip for early November, but I, along with my traveling companion have decided to wait until after the holidays. Which means come January, when it is summer in the southern hemisphere, we will be taking Lost Cowboy on the road to Argentina once again.

MERI2I have raved about the quality stationary products from Meri Meri in the past. 

These guys make the best greeting cards and related products.  Most of Meri Meri’s offerings feature very detailed cut-outs of great designs making each item a little work of art.

Meri Meri has a full line of cards and related items (“greeting cards, invitations and party ware”) for every occasion, including Halloween.

I love all of the Meri Meri Halloween products, like the Boo! Centerpiece.

About the Boo! Centerpiece: “This fabulously freaky haunted house Halloween table centerpiece comes with a range of spooky characters and accessories. The house opens up to reveal the house’s terrifying interior.”

The “Boo! Centerpiece is either named for the scary noise ghosts make, or a very special little puppy I know and love.  Either way, it’s great.

See all the great Halloween product of Meri Meri here.

See all the other great things Meri Meri offers here.

cARDBOARDI hate Styrofoam.  There, I said it.  I hate the look of it, the feel of it and mostly the noise of it.  Seriously, Styrofoam rubbing against Styrofoam is a worse noise than fingernails on a chalkboard for me.

This hatred of Styrofoam is sad, as I like the idea of those “disposable” Styrofoam coolers you buy at the store to keep your beer cool for a night.  Of course there is nothing truly “disposable” about Styrofoam, but that is a subject for another time.

Anyway, I have found the perfect substitution for the Styrofoam cooler – the Cardboard Cooler Boxes from Cascades.  These Cardboard Cooler Boxes are cool (pun intended), nice looking, and recyclable.

About the Cardboard Cooler Boxes from Cascades: “Composed of 70% recycled cardboard, the Cascades ThermaFresh™ recycled cardboard picnic cooler is perfect for quiet evenings with family or with friends around a fire, camping or simply for taking advantage of sunny summer days on the beach.  The ThermaFresh recycled cardboard picnic cooler is a good environmentally sound alternative to limited-use coolers that are not recyclable. Thermal performance is the same, but the ThermaFresh camping cooler is recyclable! It will enable you to keep your favourite drinks or your marinated meat or fish dishes chilled for the BBQ.”

I ordered a couple of these babies to keep on hand in my car for those surprise stops at the store.  Living as I do in the middle of nowhere, sometimes I make big trips to buy meat and other perishables in bulk and have to drive for a hour plus.  With the Cardboard Cooler Boxes from Cascades I can open one up and keep my food cool without having the bulk of a traditional cooler taking up space in my trunk.

Find the Cardboard Cooler Boxes in Cascades’ boutique here.