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I’ve mentioned before how much I love spending time at my friend Lynda’s idyllic home south of Boston.  She lives on a lovely pond and once you are there you can’t believe you are in suburban Boston and not somewhere else like, well, northern New Hampshire.

Lynda shared this picture with me recently – the peak fall foliage as it appears from her front yard…  Simply gorgeous!


maeAs a part-time artist myself, I admire people who have the talent, desire and stamina to make a career in the pursuit of creative expression.  Folks like Boston-based artist Mae Chevrette, whose work is creative and very much in line with my personal tastes with her mixed media and use of photography and found objects in her lovely work.

About Mae Chevrette: “Mae Chevrette is a 25-year old mixed media artist, photographer, writer, traveler and all around lover of adventures and the unknown. Originally from Seattle, Washington, she currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Her work is influenced by numerous solo cross-country road trips and travel abroad as well as an insatiable curiosity for interesting people, places and stories. Each acrylic painting combines vintage materials, found objects, personal photography and handwritten typography, creating a vibrant storytelling experience on canvas. Her goal is to create artwork that is emotionally inspirational and visually stimulating.”

I like some of Ms. Chevrette’s work more than others, which is par for the course with art, but with every piece I am impressed by her skills and talents.

Mae Chevrette has a great selection of prints of her work at very reasonable prices on her Etsy store, where you can also find one-of-a-kind original works.

Check out Mae Chevrette’s Portfolio here.

Check out Mae Chevrette’s Etsy shop here.