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electinTomorrow night I will be hosting a traditional Election Night gathering, where my friends and I will watch the returns and engage in nonpartisan banter.  Alas, I found the best way to mark the occasion a little too late – the The Election Tin from Garrett Popcorn.

About the The Election Tin from Garrett Popcorn: “One Tin = One Vote! Choose either a Democratic or Republican Tin lid to top the limited edition Election Tin from Garrett Popcorn Shops®. “Votes” are tallied and displayed via the Garrett Election App. Will Garrett fans opt for ‘Four More Bites’ or enjoy their treats at a “Grand Ole Party?” However you vote, we know your taste buds will win!”

Find the Election Tin from Garrett Popcorn here.

See all the great products of Garrett Popcorn here.

GuerlainI think I have expressed my appreciation of fragrance bottle design in the past.  I love looking at the different shapes and styles of the bottle from the simplest to the bizarre, the packaging of some of these products can be much more interesting than the scent.

I have to say that the packaging of Voyage London Eau de Toilette from Guerlain has a really caught my eye.  I love the look of it and of course love its bow to one of my favorite cities, London.  The bottle is simple, elegant and made classy by the silver and gold etching of the Tower Bridge and other landmarks.

About Guerlain’s Voyage London Eau de Toilette: “Adding to its “A City, A Fragrance” collection, Guerlain invites you to experience London — the fourth inspired city to join the exclusive assortment of spellbinding parfums. Each bouquet, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, and now, London is a scent-stirring jaunt. Trot the globe and uncover the heart and soul of these featured cities. The uniquely etched bottle captures the ambiance of London, depicting iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Chelsea Physic Garden, and wonderful gourmet markets. London is calling…”

Guerlain’s Voyage London Eau de Toilette is available from Bergdorf Goodman.

Oh yeah, it smells great too.