HOUSEAs a huge fan of print and design it follows that I appreciate a good font.  Most people take typefaces for granted, they are the type of thing you notice if something is hard to read or looks really cool.  I have great appreciation for people that understand fonts and old-school print type, like the folks at House Industries.

About House Industries: “Known throughout the world as a prolific type foundry, House Industries has made a considerable impact on the world of design. House Industries fonts scream from billboards, wish happy whatever from tens of thousands of greeting cards, serve as the basis for consumer product logos and add elements of style to a wide range of mainstream media. In their illustrious career, House artists have mastered a large cross-section of design disciplines. Their typography deftly melds cultural, musical and graphic elements.”

In addition to making an impact on the work of print design, House Industries offers a line of products that showcase their core.  Items like prints, like this Ink Bottle Print: “In this illustration, ink represents a tool we still use it at House Industries in concert with an artist’s brush to organically delineate pencil-sketched positive and negative spaces to render camera-ready art.”

HOUSE@House also has clothing and housewares, and a line of “Objects” featuring items like these Neutraface Slab Blocks“Children need to understand the important nuances that define fine alphabets long before they learn how to spell cat, dog, mom, dad or 529 college savings plan. To that end, we have developed this compact set of 12 Neutraface Slab alphabet blocks that will transmit subliminal stylistic messages to both young impressionable minds or the odd dolt whose narrow view of typography is defined by a partial screening of the Helvetica movie.”

Check out House  Industries’ fonts here.

Check out House Industries here.