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What a difference a couple of weeks make… 

Since my last visit to check on  Mount Chocorua in Tamworth, NH the scene has changed dramatically, all the trees are bare and the landscape has turned that late autumn brown, waiting to be covered by snow.

Meanwhile, the lake looks more like the ocean as the wind makes it choppy creating whitecaps and waves crashing lightly on the shore.  Soon the lake too will succumb to the inevitable winter and freeze over.


yeoFor some reason I really want to take a road trip to Tennessee and Kentucky. I have blogged about this before and when I see places like Yeoman’s in the Fork in Franklin, Tennessee, I want to jump in my car and start my trip today.

Yeoman’s in the Fork, the self-proclaimed “Small Town Bookshop with Uptown Books” looks like just the type of place where I can hangout for a long time.

About Yeoman’s in the Fork: “As our name implies, we feel that we have an incredible responsibility to the land, our families and all of those who believe that hard work and history can lead a man to the riches we all strive for. These riches can be a glass of lemonade in the shade or the comfortable feel of a chair when you just started the sixth chapter. As our name implies, we feel we have gone against the grain and carved our own path. The way of the yeoman is not always the easiest, but the path teaches you lessons along the way. Luckily for us, those lessons have shown the way to the historic community of Leiper’s Fork and to those fellow yeomen who believe buying and selling rare books and documents is an interesting way to make a living and a great way to help save them for future generations to enjoy!”

I love old books and I like people who appreciate them and understand that their preservation is vital to our culture. I can’t wait to explore Yeoman’s in the Fork and admire their treasures.

Learn more about Franklin, TN’s Yeoman’s in the Fork here.