bestmadeIn the realm of design and function (which I drone on about here often) there is no more utilitarian object in my life that annoys me than the power cord. In the increasingly “wireless” life we live there is still a ton of wires and cords and for the most part they are ugly.

As I have discovered vintage items, like old radios, telephones and toasters, I have seen some lovely old cords covered with cloth. Most of these old electronics are not the type of thing I would leave plugged in while away from home, but I have had the thought about using our modern (safer) wiring and cover them to make them more attractive.

Well, of course none of my thoughts are particularly original and someone else had the same idea and actually produced something. The folks at Best Made offer Cloth-Covered Extension Cords and they are just great.

About the Cloth-Covered Extension Cords from Best Made: “Our cloth covered extension cords are woven in Massachusetts using three copper wires, each stranded and covered in PVC insulation. The wires are twisted together, padded, and braided with a durable cotton weave. Cords are then assembled in New York using solid brass plug blades that are set in a rubber plug (which will resist chemicals and stay flexible in extremely low temperatures). Includes a Phillips combination slot mount with terminal screws which meets all U.L. 498 requirements.”

I love these Cloth-Covered Extension Cords from Best Made. I just love Best Made in general. I mean you have to love a pace that sells 25 different styles of axes.

See the Cloth-Covered Extension Cords, axes and everything else Best made offers here.