Last summer, on one her visits to see me up here in the woods of New Hampshire, my friend Lynda left behind a trail of good intentions.  You see, Lynda always brings all sorts of things for the weekend, mostly food, and leaves things behind that I end up finding for days after.  Inevitably there is way too much food and I am left with her well-intended bounty long after she leaves.

This is mostly a good thing, as the stuff she brings is always great.  I bring this up because one of the items she left behind that time was a chunk of Dubliner Cheese from Kerrygold.  Dude, it was heaven and it lead to a little binge where I would buy the cheese every time I saw it at the market for months afterward.

However, I am trying to cut down on overdoing it on cheese and such which led to buying less of this great product.  The problem I have is that I can’t keep it in the house without eating it – so portion control is not an option for me.  Recently, I was thrilled to find that Kerrygold has come out with a reduced-fat version of their signature Dubliner Cheese, and it is as good – if not better than – the real thing and it is a third less fattening!

About Kerrygold’s reduced-fat Dubliner Cheese“If we couldn’t make our Reduced Fat Dubliner Cheese meet the same high standards as original Dubliner, we wouldn’t make it at all. A base similar to Cheddar with notes of Swiss and Parmesan make it a delightfully complex cheese – made even more delightful because it has a third less fat than the original and thirty fewer calories per serving. For all its worldliness, Reduced Fat Dubliner still comes from the milk of grass-fed Irish cows, and nobody told them that reduced-fat cheese was supposed to taste different. So whether it’s shredded over your favorite pasta, bubbling out from between toasted bread slices or enjoyed on its own as a healthy yet indulgent snack, this cheese is unmistakably Dubliner. It may have a third less fat, but it’s no less Irish.”

By the way, were we not a fan of the cheese itself, we would post about the great graphics on the Dubliner Cheese packaging which features the silhouette of a bicycle complete with a giant market basket in the front – looks like a ride as good as the cheese.

See all the great products of Kerrygold and find a retailer selling their cheeses near you here.