I love large scale artwork.  I love the idea of taking an entire wall in a room and covering it with a giant photograph or giving it over to a real artist to paint a mural.  Epic wall art is what attracted me to today’s find, the UK-based Surface View.

About Surface View: “Surface View is quite simple. It’s where our images and your imagination come together to create stunning interiors. We curate and remaster incredible imagery, working with famous collections and uncovering hidden gems. We’re constantly on the lookout for the beautiful, the unusual, the wonderful and the unique. We present the image to you, and with a little imagination you transform it into an extraordinary interior product which is uniquely yours.”

Surface View has an extensive collection which is just fun to look at and imagine an application in your own home.  They also have a shop where you can purchase their collection of images as prints, canvases, wall art, and more.  I am a particular fan of Surface View’s line of epic posters.

Browse Surface View amazing collection of images here.

Visit the Surface View online shop here.