fsusAfter serving some great locally produced food on Thanksgiving, I have been thinking a lot about the tradition of the feast and the renewed trend of eating fresh and local – which is something I totally embrace.  I wish I could grow and raise all my own food, but yeah, that is not going to happen any time soon – you have seen my paltry yield from my garden, right?

I also like the idea that people are also paying renewed attention to where their food comes from – the farms near and far that grow our food.

I have come across a couple of great resources for those of us who would like to spend more time visiting farms – as a vacation or to buy fresh produce: Farm Stay U.S. and FarmVisit.com.

Farm Stay U.S.

First is Farm Stay U.S., a site that allows you to find a farm where you can stay for a few days. Farm Stay U.S. provides lists of farms that accept visitors to stay and in some cases even participate in the daily chores.

About Farm Stay U.S.: “Farm Stay U.S. is a site designed to connect guests with farm and ranch stays throughout the United States. To fit our criteria, our farm or ranch partners must be working operations growing livestock and/or produce for sale to the public.  We also list farms and ranches growing and using everything for themselves in a self-sustainable model, and non-profit farms educating their guests through on-site food production. These characteristics were chosen to distinguish Farm Stay U.S. from regular bed and breakfast sites.  We believe the majority of Americans are hugely disconnected from their food and the land.  Farm stays provide an opportunity to put down the cell phone and connect with all a rural life has to offer.”


fvdMeanwhile, the folks at FarmVisit.com have created an easy search engine to help you find farms near you where you may be able to visit and/or purchase fresh produce.

About FarmVisit.com“FarmVist.com is formed to allow the farms market their produce easier and more effective. We provide a search engine that allows the public to easily find the farm that they are looking for. FarmVisit.com started by an enthusiast who wanted to provide a search engine to find farms. We have been actively working with the farmers and ranch owners to promote the agritourism industry in US. The farmers are amazing and hard working people and we encourage everyone to visit a farm and support them. FarmVisit.com is continually reinventing itself and focused on providing better content to our readers. Our goal is to provide a unique site for farmers, a site that will be the link in the community and a place for the public to go to. We can only achieve this goal with your help and support.”

Find your next farm vacation here – Farm Stay U.S.

Find a farm near you to visit here – FarmVist.com.