TAJIKAThere was a time when the label “made in Japan” did not evoke the best of quality. However, pretty much these days, something made in Japan – especially something from traditional sources of well-made goods – is something one looks for. Like the Tajika Haruo Ironworks Scissors I found at Analogue Life.

About Tajika Haruo Ironworks: “Tajika Haruo Ironworks, located in Ono City, northeast of Kobe, has been producing high quality handcrafted scissors and shears for over four generations since its founding in the Showa Period. Produced entirely by hand these versatile scissors are not only for clipping flowers but can be used for a multitude of household tasks.”

I love the Tajika Flower Shears from Tajika Haruo Ironworks available through Analogue Life. Analogue Life curates a wonderful line of Japanese home products and it a fun place to browse.

About Analogue Life: “Analogue Life focuses primarily on contemporary Japanese housewares. Most of the products we carry are handmade by artisans or craftsmen working out of small studios, or small manufacturers, many with long histories and employing techniques perfected over generations.”

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