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bpfPeople often lump Vermont and New Hampshire together.  This is understandable as they are about the same size and shape and share a long border.  But as a New Hampshire native, it has always fascinated me how different the two states actually are.  Much of this is geology.  Despite being side by side the states are divided mostly by the Connecticut River with surprisingly few bridges cross over.  Add the Green Mountains and the White Mountains and a bunch of other mountains running up and down the terrain of both states, it makes it a challenge to get from much of New Hampshire to much of Vermont.

I can go on and on about this – as in the interstate highway system in New England is designed with Boston as its hub which makes it virtually impossible to travel from say Burlington, VT to Portland, ME with any ease.  But I digress.

This is all to say that I wish I could get to Vermont more often, as there are some really cool things happening over there – like at Big Picture Farm where they have created “a Vermont goat dairy and farmstead confectionary.”  Which basically means they make yummy caramels with milk from their herd of goats.

About Big Picture Farm: “Big Picture Farm is committed to making the finest, most delicious caramel in the world using fresh goat milk from our own herd. Our mission is to integrate agriculture and narrative in a fresh way that properly evokes the place, animals, and work in order to bring to life the exciting and unpredictable evolution of our products, farm, and lives. For the verdict is out: our experience of taste is heightened and deepened by the knowledge of our food’s production and provenance. A unique agricultural product that uses only the highest quality ingredients and is guided by compassionate and sensitive husbandry deserves to be presented to the public with its narrative intact.”

I love the whole idea of what the folks behind Big Picture Farm are doing – and I enjoyed reading their story on their website – definitely an enterprise worth supporting and promoting.

Visit Big Picture Farm’s online store here.


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