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nestThe folks at Wintercheck Factory don’t market a ton of items in their shop, but the things they do sell are very cool.  Among the great finds are Wintercheck Factory’s very own set of Nesting Steel Shot Glasses.  These “glasses” are old-school and totally cool.

About Wintercheck Factory’s Nesting Steel Shot Glasses: “Our Nesting Steel Shot Glasses are substantial and industrial but also simple and refined. Stamped, curled, engraved and then crimped for stacking, these cups are made from some hardcore steel. Feel free to down a few shots and throw them against a wall or keep them polished and on display with your fancy barware. Our glasses will last a lifetime and the Nickel-Plated finishes will gradually develop a darker patina with age (they’re aging as we speak in our warehouse!). If you’d prefer something more modern, we’ve manufactured a slate gray, wear-resistant, Teflon finish as well (yes, just like your frying pans!) Each set comes with four glasses (in one finish) and is dishwasher safe. We’re currently developing prototypes for a family of steel barware sets, including Double Old Fashioned and Pint Glasses.”

These steel glasses are the type of thing you can picture a cowboy pulling out of his satchel to share his whiskey with his buddies when he wanted to class things up from the normal passing of the bottle.  So yeah, I think Wintercheck Factory’s Nesting Steel Shot Glasses are totally classy.

See the Nesting Steel Shot Glasses and all the cool products offered by Wintercheck Factory here.


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