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pooSomewhere in the world, India perhaps, there are people making paper out of elephant poop as I type. Yes indeed, and that ain’t no B.S.

I love the whole idea of recycling elephant dung into paper and the folks at Elephant Poo Paper have made a business out of it.

About Elephant Poo Paper: “The method used for making elephant dung paper is more or less the same as making other varieties of handmade paper. There are minor changes we have had to make because of the fibrous nature of the raw material. Making sure that the paper is not harmful for the papermaker as well as the user was our biggest challenge… so disinfectants are used to make the paper as bacteria free as possible.”

Elephant Poo Paper offers several products made from the elephant stuff like notecards, journals and paper bags.  The Elephant Poo Paper website also has a wonderful slide show that explains the process and it is really quite interesting.

I have only one problem with Elephant Poo Paper – I just can’t seem to be able to get my hands on any.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about turning elephant dung into paper here.


The inspired stockings and tree skirts from Mackenzie-Childs.


The absolutely gorgeous Bicycle Trunk from Moynat of Paris.


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