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I love polar bears.  There I said it.  With the Christmas season – and the start of winter – polar bears have made their way into my holiday decorating over the years.  My love of Coca-Cola memorabilia, especially Christmas-themed, contributed heavily to the polar bear count in recent years. 

However, my favorite polar bear decoration is this mid-century vintage ceramic set that is the first decoration out of the box and on my shelves every year:


These little guys, complete with cave, go back as far as I remember.  My mother had them on 365 display for a long time before putting them into the Christmas decoration rotation. I always loved them and made sure everyone knew it.

Then one year a few years back, they disappeared, and when I asked my mom, she said that she couldn’t find them.  Then on Christmas morning, I opened one of the many gifts from “Santa” and lo and behold there were the two little polar bears and their cave.  A very special gift indeed.

Meanwhile, on my trip to Orlando last month, I spotted this little guy – part of a bronze polar bear statue outside of SeaWorld’s Artic exhibit.



The Snowman Stripe Vintage-Inspired Child’s Apron from Sur La Table.


A portable scanner with wifi from Doxie.


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