Recently, while searching for images of Tintin to update my Facebook picture (I have been told since I was a wee lad that I look like him – it’s the unruly cowlick) I came across an image I had never seen before. The image was from the early 1960’s and featured Tintin, and his pal Snowy, in an advertisement for a French soft drink.


I fell in love with the image instantly.

It turns out the artwork was created by famed artist Raymond Savignac, whose work you may recognize as he designed some iconic mid-century French advertising posters.

Doing a little research, I have discovered that the original print is almost impossible to find, but there are some reproduction out there. I have yet to find a good quality print reproduction (the search continues) but I did find a nice reproduction on a tin sign from a vendor on Amazon and ordered it right away.

Of course an original print or tin would be nice – but I don’t mind a reproduction of an image that is so cool. This is going to look great in my studio.

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