AA2As you know, I fancy myself as somewhat of an artist dabbling in mixed media and assemblage. I am confident in my own work as it is very personal and an expression of my own sensibilities – whether or not others find it moving. However, I am often humbled by the works of other artists, like Maine-based Rosalind Fedeli, whose work I came across recently.

About artist Rosalind Fedeli: “My creative proccess is internal…. inspiration comes from personal experiences, including dreams.  By nature, I am an expressive person and it is more natural for me to communicate in visual images than words. The combination of texture and rich color are equally important ingredients in my assemblages and constructions. I feel excitement when composing the found, fabricated and painted objects… it’s much like a choreography of space. I entice the viewer to enter the world I’ve created, beckoning with mystery, passion and humor.”

Ms. Fedeli’s works with mixed media and assemblage, the latter striking a cord with me. “I find it a challenge to create fascinating art work from found materials,” she says on her website. “But I enjoy the process immensely. The burning desire to elicit that ‘artistic high’ from the viewers is uppermost in my vision. My pieces are small in scale but powerful… ‘evocative/provocative’. Making art is a solitary endeavor… Sharing it connects me to people.” I love it!

See the assemblages of Rosalind Fedeli here.

See the works of Rosalind Fedeli here.