FF: The candles of Archipelago

FFaI like having scented candle burning in my home and have a few other fragrance emitting products around to take the inevitable staleness out of the 150 year old house. There are many options for these types of products at all price points – but none better than the products of Archipelago Botanicals.

About Archipelago: “Welcome to the world of Archipelago Botanicals – where warm candlelight, exquisite fragrance, and soothing products make a house a home. Draw a bath, light a soy wax candle, and enjoy the beautiful and calming effects of essential oils, natural fragrances and fine fragrance blends. Gentle, natural based bath and skin formulations are loaded with pomegranates and other powerful antioxidants to keep skin looking young, healthy and vibrant.”

Having an open flame in a hotel room may not be the brightest idea but I love Archipelago’s collection of travel candles.

Check out Archipelago here.

FF: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

FFBI really like the aesthetic and sensibility of Philadelphia’s Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.

About Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: “Located in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia, our flagship store joins the ranks of the long-standing architectural bastions of the Cradle of Liberty. The vintage exterior signage remains intact, and all efforts have been made to sustain the original brick walls and interior infrastructure of our historical home. Our shelves are replete with scores of works that transcend the conventional definition of art and appeal to all of the senses. The Art In The Age Store is the hub of our collective. In addition to highly curated product offerings, we host performances and exhibitions of Art In The Age Artists, as well as other visual artists, musicians, and authors who embody and practice our ideals.”

You have to love a place that touts their “highly curated product offerings” many of which are available in their online shop.

Check out Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction here.

FF: Bamboo Bike Studio

FFCI love bikes of all kinds, but there is something very cool about a bike made from bamboo. Yes, bamboo.  Like the bikes from Bamboo Bike Studio.

About Bamboo Bike Studio: “Our bicycles are made from bamboo tubes joined by fiberglass and carbon lugs. We use the highest performance materials and processes possible, based on functional, environmental and economic considerations. Our bikes are as strong as conventional frames, and have better shock absorption. The process used in our workshops and kits has been developed, tested, and refined over three years, hundreds of frames, and thousands of miles. In field-testing, our frames have withstood all conditions and have met the requirements of some of New York City’s most demanding bike messengers. In lab testing, our frames have met the highest American safety standard. We constantly refine, and improve our bike-making process to help make sure the bikes you build are strong and safe.”

Bamboo Bike Studio sells a kit so you can build your own bamboo bike at home. Very cool.

Learn more about Bamboo Bike Studio here.

FF: The bourbons of Evan Williams

FFDIt seems that it is a staple of my Friday Finds to include a post about a bourbon or scotch. I think it just seems that way, but I assure you it is unintentional. That said here is another one: the bourbons of Evan Williams.

About Evan Williams: “When Evan Williams first began distilling his Bourbon on the banks of the Ohio River in 1783, he probably couldn’t have imagined that it would have led to the crafting of an entire family of Bourbons. Today, there is an Evan Williams Bourbon brand for every taste. And, each of these brands is made using the same time-honored process and traditional Bourbon recipe made popular by Evan Williams himself. The result is an entire family of brands – each of which is smooth, rich and, we think, worthy of its name.”

I am often accused of posting a lot of high-end (read: expensive) products here. Guilty as charged I guess, but it is less about cost than quality. One of the best things about Evan Williams’ brands of bourbon is that they are very good and moderately priced. Cheers!

See more about the bourbons of Evan Williams here.