HTFNew England used to be full of textile mills producing the finest fabrics in the world. New England dominance in the textile market has long since passed into the history books.

However, I am pleased to report there are still a few companies out there still making textiles in New England, like the fine folks at Brahms Mount.

Maine-based Brahms Mount carries on the fine tradition of weaving fabric using antique shuttle looms – just like the good old days.

About Brahms Mount: “Brahms Mount weaves textiles with a signature design based on classical elements grounded in tradition. They are familiar, comfortable and full of energy—enveloping the body and naturally flowing with it. Transcending short-lived fashion trends, these fabrics complement every décor, making a distinctive impression in every home. Specially engineered yarns spun from natural fibers produce heirloom-quality products with a soft hand, flowing drape and an untreated clear finish. Woven on antique shuttle looms, handled by seasoned artisans more than fifty times, these fabrics evoke richness and resilience reminiscent of hand-woven textiles.”

ALPUsing the old world weaving methods, Brahms Mount produces a wonderful line of products including linen and cotton blankets and linen towels.

I love the 50% Alpaca and 50% Cotton Herringbone Throw: “A classic herringbone pattern with a 3″ scale, with hand twisted fringe. Alpaca is a long hollow wool fiber that traps cold air and increases body temperature. Slate cotton with slate alpaca fill. Not only is this discontinued, not to be made again, one of the softest throws imaginable it is also gorgeous given the custom slate cotton grounding yarn.”

See Brahms Mount’s full line of blankets here.

Learn more about the weaving process of Brahms Mount and see all their products here.