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s3As I mentioned the other day, my weekend of hunting vintage finds with my friend Lynda started last Saturday with a day trip to Cape Cod. We started our tour in Sandwich, MA on scenic Route 6A which is loaded with all sorts of shops and galleries as it winds its way through cranberry bogs and charming villages.

Our first stop of the day was at the St. John’s Thrift Shop in Sandwich. St. John’s Thrift Shop was a pure delight – beautifully curated with a wonderful mix of items and staffed by charming ladies.

I picked up a few items here, including this Asparagus plate which will fit in well with my asparagus art collection. Yes, sadly, I have such a collection.


The plate, which is hard to date, was made by the Shenango China of New Castle, PA – a producer of fine china for most of the last century.

Read more about the history of Shenango China here.

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FF: The “Wood Dressing” of F.A. Seeds’ Co.

FFxWhen it comes to furniture polishes you have all manner of choices in the home cleaning aisle. However, if you have furniture that you love and want to protect, you may want to go with something that has been around for a while, like the classic “Wood Dressing” of F.A. Seeds’ Co.

About F.A. Seeds’ Co.: “Established in 1883 by Frank A. Seeds in Covington, Kentucky, F. A. Seeds’ Co. produces the oldest trademarked furniture polish in the United States. Mr. Seeds was a nineteenth-century cabinetmaker who formulated a hand-mixed dressing to preserve his fine furniture. It became so popular that in 1883, he and his son formed a company to sell the wood dressing. Mr. Seeds’ Wood Dressing has been used in the finest homes for more than 125 years and also has the distinction of having been used in the White House since William Howard Taft’s presidency.”

About the “Wood Dressing” of F.A. Seeds’ Co.: “Our signature product developed by our founder in 1851 and patented in 1883. Excellent for all antiques; cleans, nurtures and beautifies wood of all kinds. Apply with a cheese-cloth dampened in water and well wrung out. Let stand as long as convenient for maximum cleaning and nourishing. Buff lightly with grain of wood – leaves a satin luster finish dry to the touch.”

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FF: Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix

FFyI don’t care for Bloody Marys, but I like the look of them, the culture of them and making them for guests. That’s why I like Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix – which never fails to make me look like I know what I’m doing.

About Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix: “What happens in the back of the van usually stays in the back of the van, so we’re lucky that this spicy story got out! The Fat & Juicy brand was born on a band road trip from Atlanta back to Charleston the “morning after the night before”. It was bandmates Joe Good and John Glenn’s desire to have a bloody mary with a homemade taste that drove them to create what would soon become the country’s fastest growing bloody mary mix!”

Learn more about Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix here.

FF: Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena

FFzHave you ever had a really fine balsamic? No, not the most expensive one you can find at your local grocery store – not even Whole Foods. The type of balsamic that is made and aged in the old world style, and frankly, costs a ton of money? Well I have, and it is Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena, and it is worth its weight in gold.

About Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena: “This is the real deal in the world of balsamics. Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena made in the ancient tradition of cooking grape must and allowing it to age in wooden barrels for at least 12 years. This balsamic is made by the Biancardi family just outside of the city of Modena. They use the must of their own grapes to create the beautiful balance of this balsamic with a deep agro-dolce (sour sweet) flavor with complex, rounded notes that can only be developed over years of aging in mulberry, cherry, juniper and chestnut barrels.”

Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena is available from the fine folks at Formaggio Kitchen.

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FF: Dragunara Spice Bazaar

ffbbI love spices! Well, I love salt, and yeah, salt is a spice, right? I have written about spices (salts) and herbs in the past and have found some great purveyors of unique blends.

Today, I present another wonderful spice vendor I found recently: L.A.-based Dragunara Spice Bazaar.

Dragunara offers a large line of spices and herbs in unique blends. Of course I am drawn to the Thai Ginger Salt, the Bonfire Smoked Sea Salt and the supremely elegant White Truffle Salt.

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