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Spring has come to Lake and Mount Chocorua as seen from Tamworth, NH. You can tell it is spring mostly due to the fact that the ice has finally melted. Otherwise, even though it is May, you have to look hard for any other signs of the season.

The trees are just starting to bud and it will be weeks before the mountain is a sea of green once again. In fact, one of the great joys of the season is watching the slow progression of the trees sprouting their new leaves marching up to the granite summit of the majestic mountain.

In today’s picture, I love the reflection of the trees on the bottom of the lake as seen through the still water.

decant2In a recent post about my excitement over the new flea market season, I mentioned that this year I will be looking for some good buys on vintage liquor decanters. I am pleased to say that so far in the short season I have seen many decanters at all price ranges, and have purchased a couple.

First, I found this lovely blue glass decanter made in Italy (above right), probably from the 1950’s. The decanter is decorated with a silver overlay featuring scenes of Venice.

decant1The vendor who sold me the Venice decanter (at a bargain price) said that the silver can be brought back to life by using a silver polish – which I will try at some point.

Next, I found this more traditional decanter (above left), not fine Chrystal, but a nice glass with an ornate stopper.

Meanwhile, I also found this wonderful red leather-covered flask (below).

This awesome vintage flask, from some time in the mid-last century, was made in England.  The flask features a crest and the words “Gwell angau na Chywilydd” – which is apparently Welsh. The crest and motto belong to the The Royal Regiment of Wales.

The motto translates to “Better Death than Dishonour.” A very cool addition to my collection indeed.