pod2I am a little behind with starting my seeds this year. However, I am well underway and should have plenty to transfer outside when the “all clear” is given that frost season is over. It has been dipping into the low 30s at night up here in recent days so it will likely be after Memorial Day when we can’t plant outside here in Northern New Hampshire.

I cut way back on the amount of plants I am starting from seed this year, as I have had much better success with buying seedlings from local nurseries in the past few years. I have decided that buying relatively mature plants vastly increases my chances of success and I help local small businesses as well.

That said, there is nothing more satisfying than growing plants from seed and enjoying the yield later in the season – so I will still be planting some of my own seedlings as well.

Meanwhile, I am going to try to plant a ton of sunflowers this year. I love watching sunflowers grow and mature over the summer and it bring me great joy when they bloom and expose their seeds.

I also have some great ideas for my container garden this year – which I will share with you here soon.

Below: my Plantation Peat Pellet Seed Starting Trays ready for my seeds:


A sampling of what I will attempt to grow this year in my container garden: