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h2It has been an extremely dry spring so far here in New Hampshire. Once the snow pack melted, there really has not been any rain to speak of in weeks which means the ground is unusually dry in what would ordinarily be “mud season.”

The dry weather is not really a good thing as there is a huge potential for brush fires and the growth of the local foliage is stunted and may never really recover all season. However, there are some benefits to the dry weather, including an early hiking season on the trails that are often still pools of mush and mud in early May.

I have been out a few times already on a couple of my favorite trails in Hemenway State Forest in Tamworth, NH – the Duck Pond Loop and the Middle Trail, both maintained by the Tamworth Conservation Commission.

I love hiking these trails as they truly are nature at its best. I have hiked these trails many times and have rarely ever came across another person. But I have seen a lot of wildlife including deer and once a moose.

As much as I love these trails, I came back from a hike the other day with several new friends – some ticks that were clinging to just about every piece of my clothing. It was not fun. Ticks are always a concern, and these are not the dreaded deer tick and were easy to spot, but still they are persistent. The challenge with hiking in the spring here is that tick season leads to black fly season which leads to mosquito season. But you know what? Hiking in nature is worth the little annoyances.

Below left, the trailhead of the Middle Trail in Hemenway State Forest; right, my collection of hiking sticks that survived the winter:


I have featured Arthouse Décor in the past and just had to post about them again as I just love their whole vibe.

Arthouse Décor is a wholesaler of fine home accessories, like pillows, clocks, original art, and my favorite, vintage signs reproduced on wood.

Although Arthouse Décor is mainly a wholesaler, their site is a great place to browse to get ideas and then go find via a local designer or retailer.

In addition, Arthouse Décor’s works are also often featured on reseller websites like One King’s Lane.

Today, I am jazzed by the many signs and pieces of art that Arthouse Décor offers featuring bicycles:

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